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Bombers Edit

A bomber is a military aircraft designed to attack gound or sea targets by using bombs or heavy rockets. There are 5 types of bombers, Heavy bombers, Medium bombers, Light bombers, Dive bombers and Torpedo bombers. In IL-2 1946, you can fly an example of all of these types of bombers to destroy all types of targets.

Heavy BombersEdit

Heavy bombers are generally considered to have 4 engines. Their primary role is strategic bombing campaigns. They can haul several thousand kilograms of bombs, and the B-29 Silverplate can carry nuclear weapons. Heavy bombers in Il-2 include:

B-17(cant use tho)

B-24 cant use

B-29 cant use

Pe-8 cant use

Heavy bomber mods (available with UltraPack) for Il-2 include:



B-29 Silverpate

Medium BombersEdit

Medium bombers generally have 2 to 3 engines. They are used for tactical and short range strategic bombing attacks. The flyable medium bombers in Il-2 are:


He-111H-2 and H6

Ju 88


A-20C and A-20G


G4M1 Betty

Mods are available to make the following medium bombers flyable:

Several variants of the B-25

Several new variants of the He-111, including the H21

Ju88 Torpedo bomber


SB2 variants

Light BombersEdit

Light bombers are used for tactical attacks, and carry light bombloads or rockets. They can have 1 or 2 engines and are often agile enough to double as Heavy fighters , although they don't quite have the guns to compete with regular heavy fighters.

Light bombers in Il-2 (modded and stock) include:


Breda Ba. 65

Fairey Battle

Hs 123

Hs 129

Dive BombersEdit

The dive bomber concept was created by the USA in the late 20s. But it was the Germans who adopted it early and made it famous. While the dive bombers are accurate, they are vulnerable to effective medium flak and fighters.

When most people think of dive bombers, they automatically think of the Ju87 Stuka. But the Stuka is not alone. Here are dive bombers that be flown in Il-2:


SBD Dauntless

D3A "Val"

Ju 87

Torpedo BombersEdit

Torpedo bombers can carry bombs, but are normally used for launching torpedos. Torpedo bombers (stock and modded) include:



TBF-1, TBF1C, TBM-3, Avenger Mk.III

Beaufighter Mk. X



Ju 88 Torpedo bomber

Fairey Swordfish


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