The controls of an aircraft are as follows:

Control surfacesEdit

Elevator: Used by pulling back or pushing forward the joystick. Controls pitch.

Rudder: Used by pushing rudder pedals or twisting the joystick. Controls yaw.

Ailerons: Used by pushing the joystick left or right. Controls roll.

Flaps: Surfaces on the wings that move to adjust the lift the wings provide. Adjusted with the Flaps keys.

Trim: Controls adjustment of other control surfaces that are vital to maximizing aircraft performance. Controlled with the Trim keys.

Engine controlsEdit

Throttle: Used by moving throttle lever on joystick system. Controls fuel fed to engine.

Supercharger: Used by using the Supercharger keys. Control air pressure of air fed to engine.

Mixture: Used by using the Mixture keys. Controls fuel fed to engine for a given throttle amount.

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